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Deck Brothers are licensed, bonded and insured deck contractors (Oregon CCB #213457). We build new Decks and Porches, repair old structures, and professionally apply stains and/or paint. We also build and design Awnings, Patio Covers and Pergolas for decks, porches or patios. 

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We are among the best builders in the greater Portland area and can help you create the perfect deck, porch or awning that fits your budget as well as your personal vision. We are a small company, so we do not “farm out” work to subcontractors that might do substandard work – we do all the work ourselves and take great pride in that. To ensure that your project goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible, we will work with you during every step of the design and installation process. We prefer to employ a consultative style of communication with our clients so you can trust Deck Brothers with every fine detail in the jobs that we do. We start by providing you with a personal consultation where we can discuss options and designs to help you come up with the best choices for your project. From there, Deck Brothers can take care of the building, construction, and finalization of your project in the Portland Metro Area. Call us today @ (503) 567-8747 for your custom design consultation!

Deck Brothers accepts all major credit cards as well!

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Deck Contractor and Awning Builder serving Portland and the neighboring cities of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Fairview, Troutdale and Gresham – also Vancouver, Camas, Washougal and Battle Ground.

Portland Deck Contractor
Deck Contractor and Awning Builder


A new deck adds a great living space to your home. Many Americans consider their deck to be a “Bonus Room” – giving them a great deal of additional square footage for lounging, eating and entertaining friends and family. Deck Brothers can customize your deck to fit the style of your home, property and neighborhood, while satisfying the design goals best suited to you and your family’s lifestyle. A well-built, thoughtfully designed deck adds beauty, functionality, and value to your home. But, the longevity of your deck is determined not only by the type of material used in its construction but also by the craftsmanship of the professionals you hire to do the work. Many builders cut corners and do not use the proper building techniques and hardware required to make a deck strong, safe but also built to last. These details include bullnosing deck boards and stairs, using proper fasteners and hardware, proper spacing of all deck boards and other materials and following Code-compliant procedures throughout the building process. Also, we will work with you to choose the type(s) of railings, balusters and stair design that will work and look best with your new deck.


COMPOSITE DECKING: Though there are many choices for composite decking, we are proud to be certified installers of Trex®Azek® and TimberTech® decking materials, which are high performance wood-alternatives for decking that require less maintenance than wood decks while allowing for more peace-of-mind for the environmentally-conscious homeowner. 

Trex®Azek® and TimberTech® products come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your outside decor and personal taste. We can also work with you to pick any other composite materials that we can source if you so desire. Talk with us and we will help you choose the best composite material for your new, beautiful, sturdy deck.

CEDAR: Cedar is the most common material used for decking. There are basically three grades/prices of cedar that can be used: Grade “A” Cedar, Tight Knot “B” Grade Cedar, or “Kerfed” “C” Grade Cedar. There is a substantial market rate difference in price for all three of these choices. We can discuss these options with you and work within your budget to pick the right one for you!

ELITE OUTDOOR LUMBER: This is the cheapest lumber used to construct a deck surface. This is an excellent choice if you are simply replacing an old deck on a house that you are planning to sell or that is a rental property, but it is also a great alternative for the budget conscious homeowner. We usually suggest painting this particular lumber because it is a chemically treated product. We can of course include that service for any decks we build using this material. 

HARDWOODS: Hardwoods are a popular choice because of their durability and esthetics. There are several options that vary in price with Ipe wood generally being the most expensive. Hardwood is a bit more labor intensive because it requires pre-drilling for all fasteners (stainless steel fasteners are what are used), but hardwood is a GREAT choice, again for its longevity and its beautiful look. There are also many other less expensive hardwoods, such as Batu, Cumaru or Tigerwood, that we can source that are also great alternatives and that may fit in your budget more easily. These hardwoods have similar traits and qualities of Ipe but cost considerably less. Ask us and we can work with you on making the right choice.

RAILINGS: We build and install all types of railings, anywhere from outdoor lumber (painted or unpainted), cedar railings, all metal railings or cable railings as well as composite types of railings. 


Deck Brothers also designs and builds awnings, patio covers and pergolas. This can provide a great rain/weather protected area while allowing in sunlight as well. These can be a simple design or be a much more elaborate one with intricate finish work, etc., according to your taste and budget.

These can be made using SUNTUF® polycarbonate sheeting to allow sunlight through, or solid high quality steel roofing panels (that come in an assortment of colors) or can be an elaborate shingled roof design with skylights.


Are you looking to add or rebuild a front or back porch? If so, Deck Brothers can help with a gorgeous new porch addition and/or remodel. A porch can improve the look of your home and add appealing and usable square-footage, while providing a great place to relax with friends and family. There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful spring, summer and autumn days in Portland than by installing a brand new, custom-built porch. Whether your existing porch is outdated, damaged, unappealing (or non-existent) we can transform your home with a beautiful new porch. In addition to custom porch design and construction, we offer a wide range of individual features and accessories, including custom railings, natural wood or composite decking options, built-in porch seating areas, overhead lighting, ceiling fans and a diverse offering of steps and accent styles.


Deck Brothers also provides repair services for older decks, fences and porches. When working for our valued clients, we sometimes find that many older decks, fences and porches can be rejuvenated and given new life with a bit of maintenance work. Or there may be underlying structural issues which should be addressed in order to protect the original investment. We regularly perform deck “surgery” to replace deck boards, supports, footings, posts, and more. We strive to provide honest, professional and cost-effective solutions, which also include pressure washing, sanding and cleaning of decks and fences, utilizing state-of-the-art, commercial grade equipment.

Rail Caps and Deck Boards Replaced

After Repairs and Painted


Deck Brothers also provides staining, painting and refinishing services for decks and fences as well. It is important to regularly maintain decks, fences and other outdoor structures by cleaning them, and reapplying stain or paint. This process can involve using our commercial grade pressure washers, floor sander and other sanding equipment to get the best results. This increases the life of a deck or fence but also is a great way to do a makeover on them. Of course, if you are selling a property, this is a great way to make a deck or fence “pop” to the eye of the prospective buyer. We generally use Penofin Red Label transparent stain and Behr Solid Weatherproof paint, both of which are highly rated, professional products that we stand by. Of course, if there are other products you prefer that is completely your choice, just let us know!

Applying Penofin Transparent Cedar Stain

Basic Good Neighbor Fence

Commercial Garbage Surround


We build residential and commercial fences in the greater Portland Area. We understand that installing a new fence is an important investment in your home/property. A new fence provides the obvious benefits of added protection and privacy, as well as an aesthetic appeal for your yard. We can build a variety of fences designed to meet your specific needs, anywhere from a simple “good neighbor” fence to more elaborate horizontal fences, etc. In our experience, it is very important to design a fence that will last and this lies in the design details. We recommend cap rails to protect the post as well as the fence pickets. Also, we highly recommend using post brackets to eliminate ground contact for the posts. We also make sure not to split the cap rails over posts, which defeats the purpose of covering the posts.  


Quality Hardware and Materials and Attention to Detail.

Deck Screws and Hardware: To us it does not make any sense to use even a mediocre deck screw for our projects. We use only high quality Screw Products Inc. deck screws for all wooden decks and hand rails including stainless steel screws for hardwood decks. And we also use the Trex line of screws and fasters for all deck boards, fascia etc. And we use the better quality and stronger Simpson products for all of our other deck hardware wherever we can.

The Highest Quality Brackets

High Quality Deck Screws

Top of the Line Post Bases

Paints and Stains:

Many contractors will build you a deck – but they do not stain them or paint them. If we build you a cedar or hardwood deck we are going to pre-stain all of the boards and railings – because not do that is… well… DUMB. We use only high quality paints and stains on the decks we build.

Only the Best Cedar Stain

Only The Best Hardwood Stain

The Best Outdoor Paint Available